For original headshots full of personality and color look to Lovejoy Images!!!

My headshots are all about the client’s expression and individuality.

Let your true self shine in a personalized session designed to showcase your natural self and let those beautiful windows to your soul shine!


All images will be fully edited, cropped and rendered for 8×10 print.  I have a working relationship with Spokane’s premier talent agencies Big Fish Talent NW and MAM.  You can rest assured that your representation will receive the highest quality images fitting their needs exactly.


With my online image hosting service you’ll be able to select your favorite images and download them from the convenience of home. You can even order required prints right from the site!

Orders are fulfilled by my printing partners Miller’s Professional Printing.



All Headshots can be captured on location, in the comfort of home or in any one of the conveniently located Studio Spaces available


I am currently in my “off-season” so my prices are as follows:

$50 for one

$75 for two

$100 for three

That’s all… Pretty simple!

Representation is the first step in getting your career off the ground! Don’t hesitate!!!

I want to see you shine and succeed.  


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