Wedding Photographer- Methow Valley

As a wedding photographer I get the pleasure of visiting some rather beautiful locations and the Methow Valley is a personal favorite of mine.  I had a wonderful time shooting this energetic wedding right off the Twisp River in sunny Twisp, WA.

Wedding photographer

Spokane wedding photographer

Jordan and Keana were such a fun couple to hangout with.  This was actually my first wedding.  You’ll notice the outdated moniker ‘Lovejoy Photography’.  Turns out, theres a bunch of Lovejoy out in the world so I had to change to Lovejoy Images but I digress.

These two destroyed every preconceived notation about weddings I had.  They absolutely don’t have to follow standards.  They can be loud and expressive.  They can be cute and colorful and most importantly they can be authentic.

If you would like Lovejoy Images to photograph your wedding please submit an inquire below.



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