Chelan Wedding

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This was my final wedding for the 2017 season in Chelan and I just absolutely loved it! These two were kind and wonderful people that I would photograph again and again!

They reminded me, since starting this little business of mine I’ve come to realize that love and family are the most important things in the world.


I get the pleasure of seeing strangers and friends get married in front of me and it’s something that has made my life better if only for the fact that in each person’s eye, at some point, when the camera isn’t on them, or so they think, there is a moment of pure happiness and love. That gaze that I’ve become so fond of, casts a look of openness and eager surrender that quietly speaks the magnitude of their journey and to see that first hand is something wonderful.

A reminder that even when our world is in uproar the quietest act of love can deafen all shouts of anger.



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