Spokane Headshots

For original headshots full of personality and color look to Lovejoy Images!!!

Chelan photographer
Portrait Photographer

The special headshot event For September  was a total success!  Thank you to all of those that attended and if you are interested in updating your Headshot please reach out to me right away so we can get started!

Chelan photographer
Portrait Photographer

The next event will be held in November TBA from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  During these events we charge just $50 for your first headshot!!! 


It’s the best deal in town and it only comes around every few months so act now and reserve your seat.   

Set yourself apart with a rich dynamic Headshot that shows off your best qualities.  

With my online image hosting service you’ll be able to select your favorite images and download them from the convenience of home. You can even order required prints right from the site!

Orders are fulfilled by my printing partners Miller’s Professional Printing.

Indoor & Outdoor regular sessions are available starting at just $100 for your first image then just $25 for each subsequent purchase.  That’s just $125 for two professional images!

I provide many local talents with images for their acting careers and if you are in that boat please visit my good my friends at BigfishNW

Representation is the first step in getting your career off the ground! Don’t hesitate!!!

I want to see you shine and succeed.



All Headshots can be captured on location, in the comfort of home or in any one of the conveniently located Studio Spaces availabl

I am currently in my “off-season” so my prices are as follows:

$50 for one

$75 for two

$100 for three

That’s all… Pretty simple!

Representation is the first step in getting your career off the ground! Don’t hesitate!!!


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