Family Portraits

I’ve had so many requests for Family Portraits over the last year that I’ve decided to dedicate a section of my site to them.

These sessions have become one of my favorite things to do! However, with so many family members it’s hard to get everyone’s picture selection done in a timely fashion so I’ve included some packages that families can choose from to help make everything faster and easier for everyone .

Family Portrait photographer

With shooting Family Portraits the biggest thing is simply letting the family be themselves and that means having patience.  Little-ones need to run around and if you chase them the whole time you’ll only end up with fussy faces and aggravated parents.

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Family Portraits

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Prices vary by location and since every family is different, packages/prices can be customized to meet the families budget or personality.

Family portraits

Family portraits

I’ve done a lot of shoot in random places that I’m seeing of the first time.  Towns I don’t know, vacation rentals I’ve never been to, strange hidden coves that the family like etc.  I pride myself on my improve abilities and being able to go with the flow.  Families often start the session by looking to me for guidance and while I am happy to instruct the magic really comes when we start hanging out and drop the pretense.  I want to see your family the way you do.  For all their ups and down, their smiles and frowns.

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