Ah family portrait season.  That wonderful time of year, when the sweaters are out and the Chai-tea is flowing.  That time of year when people stand closer together and talk a little longer.  It’s also the time of year when your camera’s white balance freaks out because everything is gold but in the shadow.  Remember that black or gold dress?  Yeah, It’s like that.

full fall

I’ve only been operating in the Spokane area for a year now and, being new in town, I haven’t really had as many clients as I hoped for but the ones I have worked with have been wonderful and charming people.

This family was a pure delight and another shinning example of what this city has to offer.   The five of us met at the epic Manito Park in Spokane, WA.



This shot below was done with a Helios 58mm F2 lens from 70’s, made in Russia.  It has so much character that it’s becoming my favorite lens for couples.  It’s such a romantic lens.


Lovejoy Images offers convenient on-site portrait photography that can shoot anywhere your family desires.

No time limits and no additional fees for large families! This way we can all relax and get a nice photo of even the shyest of family members. As a father of two little ones myself I am very accustomed to waiting for the right moment which is why I don’t put time limits on my session. I want you and your whole family to enjoy themselves since, after all, you’re all on vacation.


Written by revblove

I am a Photographer, Musician, Chef, and a Father. My family and I live in Chelan, Wa. A small but wonderful town in central Washington. I grew up in Western Washington spending my time hiking, camping, and writing music and of course, taking pictures. Once I moved to Central Washington and started a family, I decided it was time to start my own photography business.

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