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That photo up there, I know it’s a bit ostentatious, was taken with my first DSLR a Nikon D5100. It’s very rare that I get in front of the camera but this photo means a lot to me.  It’s a call to my late mother’s senior year high school photo. It’s was all fashion and attitude.  A straight in the camera stare that any model would love to have. She told me a story about how the camera man was trying to make everyone laugh and she wasn’t having any of it.  It’s a wonderful thought whenever I see her picture.

Images have a way of holding our memories close to the heart.

Keeping someone’s attitude alive beyond their years.  They tell jokes that never die, they show love that never fades, cuts that never heal and if we’re lucky they show something honest.  Something genuine that can only felt by the right observer at the right time.

I want my images to feel like memories, not some posed fantastic Instagram fauxtograph.

My name is Brandon and thank you for visiting my website. My family and I just moved to Spokane and I want to take your picture!

I’ve been practicing photography for 12 years and I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.  I started this business after we found out we were pregnant with our second child and it’s been such a fantastic experience!

I have been published in What’s Up Magazine out of Bellingham, Washington and have had several in-store and online images used by North 40 Outfitters in Montana, Idaho and here in Washington.
I started shooting in 2006 by doing, almost exclusively, macro photography.  My focus was usually on textural contrasts and landscapes.  I loved making conventional objects look alien by showcasing them through odd angles and extreme closeness.
In 2009 I found an even deeper love with portraits.  When captured just right, a person’s whole life and personality can shine through.  It’s because of such dynamic personality and expression that I shoot with both Film and Digital cameras.  This offers the best medium for capturing the subtleties and depths of each moment and expression.

One photo can tell a story that no words ever could; And that’s what I want to tell.
Your story.

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