Winter Get Away

At the end of January I took a drive to Chelan and got to spend an hour with this energetic family.


We dispensed with the formulaic group shots and ran quickly to a snowball fight and skipping rocks over an icy river.

This family reminded me that any and all moments shared with loved ones are worthy of capture.  So many times, with this group,  I forgot I had a camera on me and simply enjoyed being around their infectious up-beat atmosphere.

As with many family shoots the kids steal the show…




.. but man, mama had an arm!


And of course I had to get some of mom and dad.  I like to refer to these side shoots as “quiet time”  a moment during a vacation where mom and dad get 5 minutes of quiet time. For a parent 5 minutes of quiet is a wonderful thing! lol


If you’d like your family to have their vacation or reunion captured please submit an inquiry below.

In addition to having images available for download and print, for each member of the family, there are some beautiful family photo albums included with select packages.






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