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"Lenticular" motion print
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Welcome to Lovejoy images Frequently Asked Questions
Lovejoy Images is a wholesale photography lab that creates two types of "specialty printing for professional photographers: "Lenticular" motion printing for high end artistic photography, and  "Direct-to-Glass" heirloom quality - two sided printing to plate glass.
Motion printing is achieved  by taking 2 or 3 images, blending them to create a single image, that when viewed at different angles displays the individual images (2 ro 3) all on one special print. Our "Direct-to-Glass" product is created by taking two images and printing them through a special process on both sides of plate glass. Both products create a masterpiece that can be part of your family for generations


It's as easy as:

1) Choose the size of image you want produced, 2 flip or 3 flip, Veritcal or Horizontal.

2) Pay for the print via PayPal.

3) Upload 2 or 3 pictures that you want for your lenticular (motion) print!

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!